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what is new in window 10



What is new in Windows 10



Welcome to the interesting updated version of Windows 10. As we know that window 10 is better than any previous version of windows. Window 10 is full of interesting features.



3D view in window 10




With the help of 3D view, we can represent our presentation, views, communicate ideas in the better way. We can paint 3D and change the 2D image into 3D works of art. The creators include 3D innovations, colors theme in the 3D paint.



Start menu is back


windows-10 edge


As we know that Windows 7 start menu involve Devices, printer, and music. But in windows 10 you can’t add shortcuts to the folder like music.

Windows 10 brings back the desktop and Start button, which some people love and others find quite irritating – luckily there are a bunch of customisation options to tweak these settings.



Windows 10 edge




Windows 10’s edge confesses you to take doddle, write, notes and highlight directly on top of web pages. Windows 10 edge is very fast and it shows only a few compulsory elements in the interface. With Windows 10 edge, you can draw tools and share them as an image file.
It is the superactive browser

Cortana on Desktop




Cortana is very interesting and useful feature of the window 10. You can search local resources, for example, files or OS setting. Cortana can help you set the reminder for different places and times.



Task switcher


Task switcher


Windows 10 task switcher is an incredible feature that lets you set a window to take up the half screen.



Snap Assist


Snap Assist


Snap assist can help you to hit the windows logo key and side arrows keys. You can snap a window with mouse or keyboard.



Multiple desktops




Multiple desktop features are very useful and interesting for business. You can run many desktops on a single monitor. Generally, people connect more monitors to the computers but now you can access many desktops on the single monitor.