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Use of different ports in a laptop






Nowadays laptops, mobiles and computers are available with a various number of ports. Here we will discuss about uses of different ports in a laptop.



Modem Port


Modem port is use to connect an internal modem of a laptop or telephone line and it also connect to the internet with the help of data cable.



HDMI port


HDMI Port( High Definition Multimedia Interface) is used for audio, video and projector connector.



Express card Slot



It is most important and largest extension on the body of laptop and it is uses for broadband cards, adapter, memory cards and wireless network card.



Firewire/ IEEE 1394 port


It is the used for transferring data up to 480 mbps. Most of the laptop have inbuilt firewire port.



Thunderbolt 3


It is the fastest and latest port in the laptop. It can transfer data up to 40 gbps.





Ethernet is also called as RJ-45. This port is used for wired network. For example Wifi cable. It improve the connectivity of wifi and it is also faster than wireless network.





With the help of displayport you can add more mini display. You should have multi stream transport to connect more display.



DVI port


Almost all laptop have DVI (digital visual interface). It is the perfect input choice for laptop.



Legacy Ports


Generally, people don’t use this port. It is used to plug modem line. RJ-45 has 4 connections. RJ-11 is a half-size RJ-45 that has 4 connections on it. It’s used to plug in an analog modem line. It’s shaped like a D. Old LCD televisions can be connect to this port.


Audio port


It is used to connect speakers, headphones or a microphone or other audio port. But almost all laptop have in-built audio port. This port is better then in-built audio port.