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Motherboard problems | some of the common computer – laptop motherboard problems that can result in motherboard failure, reasons for motherboard problems

Motherboard Problems

A motherboard is a very important component of a laptop or computer that has connected to it other small and important components. The failure of a motherboard can prove to be very expensive sometimes depending on the reason of its failure. There are many Motherboard problems that can be faced in the daily use. If the problem is small then it’s not a big issue. But if the motherboard is not in the repairing condition then it is preferred to replace. However, this all depends on the level of motherboard problems.



Burning Smell

Sometimes the laptop or the desktop heats up due to various reasons like ventilation issues, improper cooling process, etc. Overheating may damage the motherboard of your laptop, so make sure to switch off your laptop if there is any burning smell.

POST issues

POST(Power On Self Test) is a test that is conducted by the BIOS to make sure that the hardware and the softwares of the laptop are working fine. When your motherboard has failed, there are chances that your laptop may or may not perform POST and most probably won’t switch on after that. So if your laptop is not turning on at all, make sure that you get your motherboard checked by a professionals like us.

Booting is very slow

One of the other symptom of motherboard failure is slow boot ups. There may be other reasons also for this. This is a very common motherboard problem.

Random restarts or shutting down

One of the most common motherboard problems is automatically restarting of laptop or computer. Sometimes your laptop or desktop may just restart or shutdown in middle of your work for no particular reason. This is also a symptom that the motherboard of your laptop has failed.

Blue screen

If you see that the screen of your laptop has turned blue, the images on the monitor are not clearly visible or the screen has become very dark, there are chances that there is an issue with the motherboard.



Blocked vents

There are a lot of things that could block the vents like dust, hair etc. These things stick inside the laptop and prevent the air to properly flow in and out, which directly leads to overheating of the laptop. Also such things can create a sticky mess inside the laptop which will also harm the motherboard along with the other components.

Heating issue

Heating of laptop can be because of various reasons such as a large number of processes going on at a single time, fluctuations in power supply like under voltage or over voltage available, fans being clogged by dust, hair, etc.

Liquid spill

If you spill any kind of liquid on your laptop, do not keep it on or turn it on. Just switch it off and take it to a professional to prevent any damage. A liquid with large proportion of acid or sugar in it is more dangerous than normal water. These things may cause short circuit or stick to the components and damage them.

Improperly installed components or manufacturer’s defects

Every motherboard has its own specifications or capacity and use of components that are beyond this capacity can affect the motherboard in a bad way.
There are also chances that the motherboard was manufactured wrongly. With a large number of motherboard being manufactured at a time, it is possible that a few of them could be defective.

Electrical issues

Issues like over voltage or under voltage, lightning, wiring problems, electricity fluctuations can also damage the motherboard.

These are some of the reasons because of which your motherboard may be damaged. We understand that your laptop means a lot to you, so here we are to help you out in any problems related to the motherboard of your laptop.
No matter what is the reason for the failure of your laptop’s motherboard, we will provide you doorstep services to solve it for you. For any inquiries, contact us on the helpline number or via our website.


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