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Hard Drive Problem and Solutions


Hard drive is a very important built-in component of your computer or laptop. This component comes in various storage capacities that can also be extended if you want. Because of this capacity, there is a bulk of data that can be stored in the hard drive. Any problem in the hard drive may result in loss of the important data that you stored in the hard drive. So it is better to get it repaired as soon as you realize that the hard drive is failing.

There can be two main reasons behind the hard drive failure:

  • Logical: If you are sure that there is no physical damage to your hard drive, then there are chances that a virus attack or presence of malware is the reason behind the hard drive problem that you might be facing.
  • Mechanical: Mechanical damage to the hard drive means that there is problem in the hard drive because of some physical damage. It might be because of scratches on the hard drive, crack on it or due to some circuit issues.

Most common problems that occur due to hard drive failure and their solutions are as follows:

  1. Frequent freezing: If you regularly face the problem of computer freeze or laptop freeze, there can be issues with your hard drive. These issues can temporarily be solved by rebooting the computer, but in the long run it will only make the problem worse for you.
  2. Frequent crashes: Computer crashes or sudden freezes of the computer or the laptop can indicate that your hard drive is failing. Usually it happens when you try to open some file or do something.
    It is important to keep your system up to date for preventing such problems. It is advisable that you replace your hard drive within a few years.
  3. Manufacturing fault: Sometimes, the hard drive in your computer might not be tested by the manufacturer and you might have received a faulty hard drive. In such a case, you can ask the manufacturer to either repair or replace the hard drive if it is within the warranty period.
  4. Corrupt files or software: Files in your hard drive can be corrupted by a number of reasons like improper shutdown, using a corrupt software in your laptop or desktop, etc and such things can lead to failure of hard drives.
    It is thus advisable to shutdown the laptop in a proper way, closing the files properly, etc. Taking these steps can avoid huge hard drive problems and save you from a lot of trouble in the future.
  5. Disappearing files/folders: When the hard drive is corrupt or failing, there can be incidents of files, folders or things getting deleted on their own without your command. This can indicate that there might be problem with the hard drive of your laptop or desktop.
    If you are facing such a problem, make sure that you visit a professional and take their advice to prevent such situations in the future.
  6. Weird sounds: If you hear grinding or screeching sounds while working on your laptop or desktop, this is a sign that some parts of the hard drive are failing and the hard drive will not work for a long time now.
    It is better that you backup as much data as you can because the hard drive you use now needs replacement.
  7. Electronic failure or power surges: A lot of voltage or voltage less than the required amount can damage the hard drive. This could lead to failure of the hard drive.
    To avoid such problems, you should use power appliances and UPS of a good brand.
  8. Problems due to heat and dust: Heat and dust are one of the biggest enemies of the hard drives. Heating issues may melt many circuits that could indirectly lead to failure of the hard drive. Dust can settle down on the hard drive and the result could be problem in proper palette movement causing scratches on the hard drive. This can damage the data storage sectors of the hard drive resulting in loss of your important data.
    For avoiding this, make sure that the cooling fan is working fine in your laptop so that it doesn’t heat up a lot. This will not only keep the laptop clean, but also throw out the excess dust and keep the interior of the laptop clean.
  9. Virus attack: Virus can damage your hard drive badly. Though physically no damage will take place, but this will corrupt most of your data.
    It is a good option to keep the system updated with a up to date anti-virus to help you stay away from such problems.
  10. Hard disk cannot be detected: Due to power issues, the BIOS(Basic Input Output System) sometimes cannot detect the hard drive and causes issues in the hard drive.
    Using branded appliances can help you prevent such problems.

Some of the above problems can be solved by the users themselves with proper guidance, but some problems need professionals. In any case, you can contact us for any problem related to your hard drive and we will provide doorstep services to save your time and money.

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