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It’s really a depressing way to start a day: you push the power button on your laptop and nothing happens. Well there are many reasons why laptop won’t turn on. If your laptop in not turning on don’t be panic. We have experts tips on how to fix your laptop that is not turning on:


  • When you plug in the AC adaptor and press the button and nothing happens in your laptop. It appears to be dead.


  • Check your AC converter. Is it hot? If yes, then replace it. No power indicators on your laptop could be a sign of a dead or bad converters also.


  • Test the AC adaptor, make sure the voltage output is correct. You can test the adaptor with a voltmeter.


  • Ensure that you are using the correct USB-C Port


  • When you are troubleshooting this issue, disconnect peripherals, extra mouse, USB device, etc.


  • If your laptop is using an AC adaptor, ensure that the cord properly going into it and the cord coming from it are properly connected.


  • Check your laptop lid switch. Is it break? If yes, then you may have power but your screen may not come on. You should replace lid.


  • If you have try all above steps but your laptop still won’t turn on, then your problem is tricky. In this case, your laptop will need professional help.


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