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How to fix a cracked computer screen




Well, laptop and computers have many complex parts such as screen, keyboard, any port, etc. Most of the parts can be upgraded or fixed for example RAM , hard drive, etc. The broken screen is not that easy to fix at home, but still we have provide few steps to repair a fix cracked computer screen without replacing it.



First of all you have to decide that you have to fix your cracked screen or purchase a new screen. If you purchase a new screen then you have to take backup your data.



If you want to fix computer screen without replacing it then follow our steps.








Locate a replacement screen. Screen is the most important part of the laptop. So be careful about screen. This step may be time consuming.







Unplug laptop and remove the battery. In this step use screwdriver carefully

Then remove the wire that connect to the monitor. Be careful about this step and take off the screen.