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Most of the time you find that your laptop screen shows black scree, multicolored lines, etc. Here you will find easy solutions of these types of common problems.



Black laptop screen


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This is the common problem in laptop. When you press the power button of your laptop and  the fan is running, light is on but there is nothing happening in screen and the display shows a black screen.
The problem can be memory failure. In that case you can try remove memory and replace the memory modules.



Multicolored lines on the screen




Solution of this problem is signal cable. May be signal cable is not connected properly. In that case you need to check the connectivity or replace the signal cable.



White lines running down the screen




If your laptop show white lines running down the screen. Solution of this problem is replace the signal cable and repair the signal cable.



Broken or cracked laptop screen




If you have dropped your laptop be mistake or held the laptop screen improperly, it cause a broken or damaged display. You should buy laptop screen and fix it.



Laptop will not start




You need to check connection of all cables. Try different socket and change power led.